X12 SuperStorage

Application-optimized High-Performance Storage Solution

New generation top-loading server optimized for field serviceability and field replacement 

PCI-E 4.0 storage controller with hardware RAID and IT mode

Tool-less hot-swappable drive bays supporting 3.5 and 2.5” media

Flexible mix of hybrid HDD and SSD drive bays for best performance and TCO

Superior pullout drive drawer design

Hot swappable nodes, expanders, drives, power supplies and fans

Adaptable Dense Storage Architectures for Cloud

Three Families of Storage Servers

Enterprise Optimized:
– Open standards based x86 systems

Cloud Density:
– Highest density 3.5” servers with up to 90x HDDs and dual server nodes

– All Flash servers with up to 32 NVMe supporting U.2 and EDSFF form factor media

These powerful yet cost-effective systems provide excellent flexibility and value at entry-level price points.  X12 server are optimized for data availability with a new drawer design and hot swappable drivers, power supplies and fans.  Designed for ease of deployment maintenance with data center operations in mind.

Key Applications
  • Object Storage
  • Data Intensive HPC/AI
  • • Private & Hybrid Cloud
  • • Backup & Active Archive

Ultra High Capacity All-NVMe Storage Systems and JBOFs

Dual Socket SP3, up to 205W TDP
24 DIMM slots DDR4-2933MHz, up to 6TB
32 hot-plug U.2/E1.S/E1.L all-NVMe drive bays
Architecture optimized for high bandwidth storage I/O
Up to 1000W/1600W redundant Titanium Level PSUs

Highest Performance Single- and Multi-Node Systems

Dual Socket SP3, up to 205W TDP
24 DIMM slots DDR4-2933MHz, up to 6TB
Flexible onboard networking options
Up to 10 E1.S drives or 24 U.2 drive bays per node
Up to 1000W/1600W redundant Titanium Level PSUs

Optimized Cost per Terabyte for Multi-Cloud Environments
Dual Socket SP3, up to 205W TDP
16 DIMM slots DDR4-2933MHz, up to 4TB
Flexible networking with dedicated IPMI
1U 12x 3.5″, 2U 24x 3.5″, or 4U 60/90x 3.5″ drive bays
Up to 2000W/2600W redundant Titanium Level PSUs

Industry Leading Server Building Block Solutions®
Barebone systems
Storage RAID/HBA cards
Network switches and NICs
Power supplies

Industry-leading Petascale Capacity and Density for All-Flash NVMe in 1U

Supermicro 1U Petascale SuperStorage platforms provide industry-leading density in a 1U profile across a wide choice of NVMe form factors. By offering 32+ hot-pluggable drives, Petabyte-scale capacity can be achieved in a minimal rack footprint. This next generation storage offers unprecedented storage performance, flash density, and energy efficiency through advancements in thermal design. The EDSFF short solution delivers the best IOPS per Watt performance while the EDSFF long form factor is well positioned to provide the best cost per TB by utilizing QLC and other cost-efficient flash technologies. The latest Petascale systems offer choice in SSD form-factor with one system supporting 32 E1.L drives with the largest capacity options in front loading storage. The E1.S system offers 32 drives with the thermal efficiency to support the highest TDP Intel® Xeon  Scalable processors. The U.2 based system uniquely enables 32 industrystandard hot-pluggable NVMe drives made accessible through front-mounted dual-drive trays.

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