SuperCloud Composer

Your Gateway to Compose Disaggregated Infrastructure Quickly and Effortlessly

SuperCloud Composer is a composable cloud management platform that provides a unified dashboard to administer software-defined data centers.

Supermicro’s cloud infrastructure management software brings speed, agility, and simplicity to IT administration by integrating data center tasks into a single intelligent management solution.

Our robust composer engine can orchestrate cloud workloads through a streamlined industry standard Redfish API.

SuperCloud Composer monitors and manages the broad portfolio of multi-generation Supermicro servers and third-party systems through its data center lifecycle management feature set from a single unified console.

Dashboard aggregates the view of POD health, visualized system data analytics, activity event timeline tracking, providing at-a-glance awareness of data center operations, as well as detailed system status, composed node status, and allocated storage
The POD View’s rack management solution provides flexibility to organize data center requirements based on common workloads assigned to a rack deployment either at the edge or physical appliances with a Data Center that are miles away

X12 AIOM Networking

New Supermicro Advanced I/O Module (AIOM) Cards Provide I/O Flexibility with OCP Superset

Optimized Shared Resources for up to 50% Reduction in Power and Cooling TCO

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