Open Cloud Building Blocks

Open Clouds Power Innovation, Agility and Efficiency

Cloud computing has become an important topic and area of significant spending in the mind of IT organizations. The relatively inexpensive (historically) availability of computing resources, storage resources, and services has led most IT organizations to move some or all of their workloads to cloud environments. While there are many choices to be made when an organization decides to embrace cloud computing, one of the most important is what kind of cloud environment is the most efficient in terms of servicing their users as well as reducing costs.


Open clouds allow for a wide range of both hardware and software choices compared to clouds that are created and maintained by external organizations. An open cloud computing environment is possible today and can be constructed to be efficient for various workloads. Also, by implementing an open based cloud environment, applications can return results quickly. Applications that require fast responses and low latencies can take advantage of the latest innovations that can be easily incorporated into an open cloud computing environment. By creating and using a cloud that is based on widely available standards still allows for customization and can reduce costs over time.

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